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Saper Galleries owns more than 1,500 works of art by over 150 of the world's best artists from more than 15 countries.  This page allows you to click on any of the artists shown below and instantly see much of the art  we have at Saper Galleries available for immediate acquisition and delivery anywhere in the world. 

If you are seeking to acquire art by an artist not listed please contact us now and we will do a free search to locate what you are seeking! 

Featured This Month!

Hebron glassHand-blown glass from the Palestinian West Bank territory of Hebron is rare and nothing like glass from any other part of the world.  The functional vases, pitchers, and decanters are created using the same techniques, tools, and furnaces as used by ancestors of the current artisans who created this collection.  Click here to see the world's largest collection of Hebron glass and learn more about how it is created and the history of Hebron glass.  We would welcome your visit to see the collection here in East Lansing, Michigan.  Enjoy!

Click on any of the underlined artist names or pictures to see information and images of works of art in our inventory right now.  Should you have questions about these or other artists you may be seeking to acquire, please contact us now and we will e-mail you photos of works available directly from our inventory ready for immediate shipping. 

Scroll down for list of all artists -- or select first letter of last name:
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Additional artists on A-H inventory page

Kyu-Baik Hwang
Joanne Isaac Joanne
                  Isaac Rachel Isaac

Israeli artists

Israeli artists

Mac Jamison
P Jannin-Oms P. Jannin-Oms Devora Jaron Devora
Jiang Jiang

Isaac Kahn
                  Kall Linda Kall
  Rollin Karg Rollin Karg glass
                  Kissmer Willi Kissmer
Liudmila Kondakova
Springtime in Paris
Kuhn Volker Kuhn Newest artist just added!> Madan Kumar
Madan Kumar miniatures
Nino L'Annunziata

Christian Riese Lassen Christian
                  Riese Lassen
Allen Littlefield dimensional ceramic wall
Allen Littlefield
Haixia Liu Haixia
Richard MacDonald
Bill Mack
Bill Mack
                  Margolin Jeff Margolin
Charles Martin
Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez

Peter Max Max
Barbara McCleary
Barbara McCleary
David McDermott Donald
                  McDermott glass
                  McKnight Thomas McKnight Just added new prints!> Stephen McMillan Stephen
Mean Francis Mean
Daniel Merriam Daniel
                  Light LED wireless
Method Light

Michigan artists
Michigan artists

Terrence Millington Terrence
Mitchell Leslie Mitchell
Dan Mitra
Moulton Ned Moulton

Mathias Muleme
Mathias Muleme
 Nemtoi hand-blown glass
                  vases Ioan Nemtoi

David New-Small New-Small
Nonnenbruch Max Nonnenbruch
Juan Carlos Ospina Ortiz
                  Paprt Max Papart
Michael Parkes Parkes
Vicente Pelegero
Vicente Pelegero Agusti
Persian Miniatures
Persian miniature paintings on camel bone
Peruvian leather boxes
Peruvian leather boxes
 < Just added!

Phillips Frederick Phillips

Rosa Piatti Rosa Piatti
Plisson Henri Plisson

Pablo Picasso Picasso
Point Georges Point

Tunis Ponsen
Wheat Fields
Salvatore Principe
   Liz Whitney Quisgard
Liz Whitney Quisgard
Lisana Ratti
Lisana Ratti
Rembrandt van Rijn
Richards William C. Richards
Bette Ridgeway Bette Ridgeway contemporary paintings
Rios Susan Rios

Jack Roberts
Robinson Gregg Robinson

Norman Rockwell
                  Carcia Roman
Carlos Garcia Roman
< Just added!

Romero Juan Romero
G H Rothe

Leon Roulette
Leon Roulette

David Royce
David Royce
Ruane Catherine Ruane

James T. Russell
James T. Russell

George W. Ryder II George
Sahall Sahall (Susan B. Hall)
Roberto Salas
Roberto Salas
Sandell Scott Sandell

Laurent Schkolnyk Schkolnyk
Judith Schonebaum Judith Schonebaum
Alice Scott Alice Scott
Secunda Arthur Secunda
Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss!
                  Shemi Calman Shemi   Ben Shiff
Ben Shiff
Shona sculpture
Betty Sitbon Sitbon
Small still life oil paintings
Small Still Life oil paintings
Peggy Lynn Smith Peggy Lynn Smith
Tom Stoenner glass
Tom Stoenner

< New glass just added!
Bryon Sutherland
Bryon Sutherland glass
Mark Spain Lawrence Alma Tadema Tadema
Jennifer Tapping Jennifer Tapping
Itzhak Tarkay Tarkay
David Thai
David Thai

Paul Thumann Thumann
Tienda Africa Tienda
Theo Tobiasse Theo
Don Troiani
Don Troiani Marcus Uzilevksy Uzilevsky
Paul Varga
Paul Varga
Jay Varma Varma
Vasarely Victor Vasarely

Watanabe Mikio Watanabe
Eric Waugh Eric Waugh
Stephen Whittle
Austine Wood Austine Wood
Tomoe Yokoi Oleg Zhivetin
The Gift

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