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Carlos Bruscianelli

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Marbles and red
Marbles and Red
Oil painting on canvas
31 x 62" (80 x 160 cm)
On display now!
Bruscianelli paintings of this detail, complexity and size are normally $12,000.

Scroll down to see photos showing the progress in painting this canvas!

Back of painting
Inscription on back of canvas
Argentine magazine page
Page in recent Argentine contemporary art magazine showing the Bruscianelli painting that is now on display here now

The six photos below show the artist's progress in painting the Marbles and Red canvas shown above!
Do you see the changes from one photo to the next?  Look at the detail that conveys volume.





Carlos Bruscianelli is a hyper-realist painter from Caracas, Carlos
                      BruscianelliVenezuela.  After studying civil engineering at the Central University of Venezuela, his artistic restlessness led him to take classes in realistic painting at the Museum Patrizia Rizzo. 

Specializing in the techniques of oil on canvas and pastel chalk, Bruscianelli finally suspended his engineering studies in 2004 and devoted himself entirely to his painting.  Bruscianelli says of his works, “At present, most of my works are composed of hyper-realistic still life.  In them, I represent natural or man-made textures and elements including metal, wood, glass, marbles, fruits, paper, cardboard.”

In 2008, he first exhibited his work at Gallery Dimaca, followed by the recognized LPG Gallery in his hometown of Caracas.  Saper Galleries is pleased to now introduce the hyper-realism of Carlos Bruscianelli to the United States and rest of the world!
Please contact us about any of the original oil paintings shown below!


                    in jar
Marbles in Jar
Fruit Cluster

Rubik's cube and glass with pencils
Rubik's Cube, Sphere, and Glass with Pencils

Fruit on
Fruit on Paper

                    with fruit
Glass with Fruit
Marbles and shadows
Marbles with Shadows

Colorful marbles
Colorful Marbles
Marbles and glass
Marbles and Glass

                    still life
Fruits Still Life
Oil painting on canvas
Canvas size: 35 3/8 x 19 3/4"
Sorry, sold for $4,350 stretched

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