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Ruth Bloch

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Cast bronze wall sculpture
13 1/2 x 7 1/4"
(Please confirm to confirm availability)

Ruth Bloch was born in Israel in 1951 to artist parents.  Her father was a musician, while her mother worked in ceramics.  Her family were members of a kibbutz called Alonim, a place were childhood and early youth afforded her many opportunities to develop her artistic talents.  Reaching adulthood, Ruth attended the Avny Art Institute in Tel Aviv, and took additional studies in psychology in the United States.

Currently Ruth Bloch lives and sculpts in Israel.  Her work, exhibited worldwide, exhibits a great depth of feeling for the human figure, revealing the living unity of her masculine and feminine forces.  Saper Galleries has carried her wall sculpture for many years and is pleased to make available to you the "family" sculpture shown above. 

Many other Ruth Bloch sculptures are also available.  Just let us know the approximate size desired, number of figures, horizontal or vertical and we will get more information for you should you wish to acquire a figurative bronze wall sculpture by Ruth Bloch!

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