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Saper Galleries owns more than 1,500 works of art by over 150 of the world's best artists.  This page allows you to click on any of the artists shown below and instantly see much of the art we have at Saper Galleries available for immediate acquisition and delivery anywhere in the world.

You will find many artists from Michigan and about a tenth of our artists are from outside of the United States.

If you are seeking to acquire art by an artist not listed, please contact us now and we will do a free search to locate what you are seeking! 

Featured This Month!

Shona sculptures
                        from ZimbabweFamilies and Couples - Hand-carved Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe is now on display in our center gallery!

Although Zimbabwe has been afflicted by political strife, extreme poverty, unemployment, hyper-inflation, a crumbling infrastructure, and an exodus of teachers and doctors, an aspect of the culture that remains firm is the importance of family relationships. In the Shona tribe, this is beautifully represented by their unique sculptures depicting families and couples.

The serpentine stones are mined and carried back to the villages where artisans, who learned the skill from their parents, chisel away the stone spirits to reveal the soul which appears as the figurative sculptures that are now on display at Saper Galleries. The artists tell us that our buying their sculptures permits their children to attend school.  See the collection here.  Enjoy!

Click on any of the underlined artist names or pictures to see information and images of works of art in our inventory right now.  Should you have questions about these or other artists you may be seeking to acquire, please contact us now and we will e-mail you photos of works available directly from our inventory ready for immediate shipping. 

Scroll down for list of all artists -- or select first letter of last name:
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Stuart Abelman
     New canvas just added! > Hessam Abrishami
Essence of Love
Agam Yaacov Agam
Bernard Alligand Alligand
Miguel Almunia
Miguel Almunia
Harold Altman
       New artist just added! > Larry Anderson
Larry Anderson exotic
                  wood boxes
Andivero Antonio Andivero
Manel Anoro Anoro
Arno Arrak
Mario Avati Avati
Julene Baker
Julene Baker
        New artist just added! > Sasha Bassari Sasha Bassari
Arthur Bauman
John Baughman Baughman
Howard Behrens
Howard Behrens
John Bentham-Dinsdale
Jpohn Bentham-Dinsdale
Bruce Bleach Bruce Bleach

Ruth Bloch
Ruth Bloch

Graciela Rodo Boulanger Boulanger
Bowden Sandra Bowden  
Paul Braslow Braslow
Romero Britto

Leon Bronstein Bronstein
Carlos Bruscianelli
Carlos Bruscianelli
< New paintings! 

Gil Bruvel Jim Buckels
Victor Bykov Victor Bykov
Michael Callihan Mike Callihan 
Bruce Campbell's Pears Bruce Campbell

Francisco Casas
Cerj Cerj

Marc Chagall Chagall
Kathleen Chaney Fritz
Kathleen Chaney Fritz
Russell Chatham Russell Chatham
Chinese Paintings on silk
Chinese Paintings on silk
Elisabeth Clerget Clerget
Colomer Joan Colomer New sculpture just added! > Randy Cooper Randy
Costa Rican boxes
Costa Rican boxes
< New small boxes just added! John P. Cowan Cowan
Salvador Dali
Dmitri Danish Dmitri
Brian Davis Brian Davis
Fabienne Delacroix Fabienne Delacroix
Delacroix Michel Delacroix   Ann Dergara Derdara
Mark and
                  Sharon Diebolt wooden boxes Mark and Sharon Diebolt
Francisco Dominguez Dominguez
Dimitrov Antonin Dimitrov      Georges Dussau Dussau

Eyvind Earle Earle
David Eckert
David Eckert

Hilary Eddy Hilary Eddy
Robert Eickholt
Bob Eickholt
Enrico Embroli Enrico Embroli
Nissan Engel
Nissan Engel Erte Erte
Roy Fairchild

Ruth Faktor
Ruth Faktor
Alain Fare
Jeff Faust Faust
Kim Fay Kim Fay

Penny Feder Feder
John and
                  Heather Fields
John and Heather Fields

Fressinier Francois Fressinier

Johnny Friedlander Friedlander
                  Chaney Fritz Kathleen Chaney Fritz

Frank Gallo

Fidel Garcia
  John-Mark Gleadow
John-Mark Gleadow
Godward John W. Godward
Rob Gonsalves Rob
Alison Goodwin
Cliff Goodman
                  Goodman glass
Gorg Jurgen Gorg
R C Gorman Gorman
Kerry Hallam
Kerry Hallam
     New artist just added! >
William Hays

William Hays linocuts
Turbulent Shlomi Haziza
Hebron Glass Hebron Glass
Lou Heiser Lou Heiser
< New paintings!
Miquel Herrero Miquel Herrero
David Herzig David Herzig
Randall Higdon Randall Higdon
Manuel Higueras
< New painting! Jack Hillman Jack
Hoffner Carl Hoffner
Roberto Hollanda
oberto Hollanda

Hratchay Najjar Hratchya   
Rick Hunter

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