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Shlomi Haziza

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                  Passion sculpture
Acrylic sculpture, 29" tall
Sorry, sold for $1,250
($325 less than full $1,575 value)

Saper Galleries
has been proud to carry the unique acrylic sculpture of Shlomi Haziza since Roy Saper met Shlomi in New York several years ago. 

Having later visited the artist's studio Saper came away with a great appreciation for the brilliance, technical ability, and creative application of the artist's genius. 

At special pricing, Saper Galleries ships Haziza sculptures world wide.  

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                    Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder
Acrylic sculpture, 66" tall
Sorry, sold
$8,382 by special order

Landscape"Landscape" acrylic sculpture, $2,382

By the time Israeli native Shlomi Haziza was 15 years old, he was already an established artist.  While other children were skipping sea stones, he was painting them, a hobby which launched his first venture, Rock Art.  It wasn't long before his whimsically painted Rocks were a common feature on doorways throughout Israel and attracting international attention.

Gem"Gem acrylic sculpture, $822

While still in his teens, Haziza became known for his work  in a variety of  mediums.  His collages, made from Levi jeans, became popular fixtures in clubs, restaurants and galleries.  He even turned his stint in the Israeli army into an opportunity for artistic exploration, painting inspirational pictures and montages on the exterior walls of army bases, work that earned him even greater celebrity.

Diana"Diana" acrylic sculpture, $2,034

Traveling internationally since he was young, Haziza has been exposed to much of the world's great architecture, museums and music, all of which have influenced his work.  He draws upon his own heritage -- evident in his beautiful pieces of Judaica -- but cites life, travel and the infinite beauty of the world's cultures as the basis for his inspiration.   Barely in his twenties, he was granted permanent U.S.  residency on the basis of exhibiting "extraordinary ability".

Millenium"Millenium" acrylic sculpture, $12,936

Acrylic is the most sophisticated material Haziza has mastered to date.  It is an unforgiving, but naturally exciting and expressive medium, with light-refracting properties that give it a unique dynamic.  Haziza has spent years finding new ways to use color, metal powders and sculpting techniques to bring out the inner fire of acrylic and breathe life and emotion into every piece he makes.

Jerusalem"Jerusalem" acrylic sculpture, $2,520

As entrepreneurial as he is creative, Shlomi Haziza is always looking for the new.  His spirit translates directly into his work, which ranges from high-end sophistication to delightful whimsy.  Whatever the medium, his work is always inventive, always exciting, always beautiful.

Dance"Dance" acrylic floor sculpture, $5,625

Shown here is a small sample of the acrylic sculptures recently sold here at Saper Galleries.  Do contact us to see what is new and now available for contemporary, colorful sculptures by Haziza for shipping anywhere in the world.  For special pricing please contact Saper Galleries for an immediate reply. For illustrations and information on other acrylic creations by Shlomi Haziza click here now.  Saper Galleries can deliver for you any work of art created by Shlomi Haziza.

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