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A History of Service Awards For Excellence
Owns its Own Always-Changing Inventory Photos taken by Yelp reviewer
Art of Every Medium and Style and Price Range Public Art a Specialty
World-Class Exhibitions Unique to Saper Galleries The Tunis Ponsen Estate Paintings
Dedicated to Service and Excellence Free Art Search Services
First Choice for Business Art Acquisition Assistance Read All About Us
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A History of Service

Saper Galleries is a world-renowned award-winning bricks-and-mortar art gallery located in Saper Galleries buildingdowntown East Lansing, Michigan. For 45 years (37 in its landmark gallery building) Saper Galleries has been a leader in providing friendly, honest, reliable, respected, professional, and quality service to thousands of art collectors from throughout the world.  Click here to see what our clients say about us!    In 1998 a 2,000 square foot west gallery was added to the building featuring a 48-foot long barrel-vault skylight which bathes the spacious gallery with natural, filtered light.  The addition was highlighted in the June, 2000 issue of Art World News.  In early 2001 a 32-foot skylight was installed over the center gallery.   Click here to see photographs of the award-winning gallery building! 

Saper Galleries serves art collectors from around the world.  In the past year we had visitors to this web site from 159 countries (and speaking 97 different languages).  Beyond the United States the greatest number of visits to the Saper Galleries web site (in declining order of frequency) came from the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, India, Russia, Australia, Germany, France, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Romania, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Greece, Iran, Japan, Thailand, Sweden, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa, Finland, Portugal, Serbia, Hungary, Egypt, Indonesia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Singapore, UAE, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Colombia, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Slovakia and 75 others.  Yes, we do ship or deliver directly anywhere in the world.

Owns its Own Always-Changing Inventory 
West gallery
Saper Galleries owns and inventories more than 1,500 original works of art (by 150 artists from 15 countries) which can be viewed at and acquired from the museum-like gallery.  We select what we see as the best artists in the world be they from Mid-Michigan or anywhere else in the world.  Of the approximately 1,000 artists a year who present their art to us for our consideration we end up selecting less than half of one percent -- about 3 artists a year. 

To have art displayed at Saper Galleries the artists have to be outstanding.  That does not mean expensive, not does it mean the artists are household names or even popular in the art world.  It means we evaluate them independent of what others say about them without regard to prior reviews or exhibitions, their age, education, or any other consideration.  The only aspect that truly matters for us is our own evaluation of their artwork.  Saper Galleries proudly introduces to our gallery visitors many artists who you've likely not seen anywhere before.  And if we like them, there is a good likelihood that you will enjoy them as well!   If you are seeking a particular artwork and we do not have it in inventory, then we will get it for you. Our free art search services will work to get exactly what you're looking for, no matter when or where you saw it! Click here to see a listing of the Saper Galleries current inventory.

Art of Every Medium and Style and Price Range
Sample of west gallery glass selections
Saper Galleries provides art for everyone and every budget.  The single criterion that applies to all the art shown at Saper Galleries is quality.  Saper Galleries has a broad vision in terms of art it shows.  It recognizes that art, like music, reflects the varied tastes of individuals. We respect the interests of all collectors and show a range of imagery from traditional and impressionist styles to contemporary and nonrepresentational imagery. 

All media is represented in the Saper Galleries inventory -- paintings, drawings, limited edition prints, sculpture, hand-blown glass, raku, bas-reliefs, Polages, kinetic light sculptures, mobiles, ceramics, hand-blown glass, wooden boxes, and more.  If it's art, we at Saper Galleries have it or can get it for you.  The professional, helpful team at Saper Galleries assists you so that selecting art becomes fun and a learning process where you will enjoy full confidence and excitement with your selections.

World-Class Exhibitions Unique to Saper Galleries
            Saper, Peter Yarrow, Peter max Roy Saper, Peter Yarrow and Peter Max at Saper Galleries

Since opening the present gallery building in 1986, Saper Galleries has created over 30 major exhibitions. Norman Rockwell; Three Generations of the Pissarro Family; Meeting of the Masters: Rembrandt and Picasso; From Pop to Patriotism: Peter Max Comes to East Lansing, the Art of Dr. Seuss, The Best of John James Audubon's Birds of America are some of the exhibitions which generated noteworthy acclaim for the uniqueness of the exhibitions, their scholarly descriptive material, and breadth of imagery exhibited. Saper Galleries exhibitions focus on quality and a rare sense of excellence that provides the viewer much more than simply art on the wall. We dedicate ourselves to meeting the charge of sharing information that allows the viewer to better understand the artist, what the artist created, and why. Click here for a listing of our special exhibitions!

Dedicated to Service and Excellence
Gallery team 2024

Saper Galleries focuses on providing a high level of personalized service dedicated to ensuring collectors an art acquisition experience that is fun, educational, informative, and friendly.  We treat people with courtesy, kindness, and respect -- with the ultimate objective of satisfying their art requirements in a way that exceeds their expectations always.

Collectors of art from Saper Galleries have received courtesy invitations to artist studios, private dinners and visits with artists from their collections, signed and dedicated books from artists they collect, and other special and unexpected courtesies specially arranged for their benefit.  Saper Galleries provides art acquisition and installation services no matter where you live on the planet.  For the benefit of our customers we publish occasional newsletters and invitations which you may enjoy reading from these links: Winter 2023-24 | Winter 2022 | December 2021 | Summer 2021 | December 2020 | December 2019 | Spring 2019 | Fall 2018 | December 2017 | Fall 2017 | Summer 2017 | December 2016 | June 2016 | December 2015 | Fall 2015 Lou Heiser Exhibition Notice | Summer 2015 | December 2014

                              Jennifer, Roy, and Sarah in the west gallery

First Choice for Business Art Acquisition Assistance
Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Board
            Room Michigan State University's Federal Credit Union Board Room

Professional offices, corporations, and associations also receive a high degree of personalized assistance with selecting works of art appropriate for the image, design, and budget requirements of the project.  Designers often use Saper Galleries as the art division of their business, leaving the selection, acquisition, framing and installation to the Gallery professionals for the benefit of their clients.  Hospitals, attorney offices, medical facilities, financial institutions, associations, universities, hotels, and governmental offices (among others) have awarded their art contracts to Saper Galleries due to their competent professionalism, knowledge, full-service attention to detail -- and staying under budget to complete all projects before they are due for completion.  Please contact us now to have us share with you how we can help update the art on your walls.

Matting and Framing by Art Graduate Professionals

  Sarah and framing manager Jennifer, 2024                       
If you own it, we can frame it!  We frame everything right here in our East Lansing gallery building.  Professional Framing manager Jennifer and Sarahmatting and framing services at Saper Galleries are significantly different from what you may find elsewhere.  The framing team is comprised of real professionals with degrees in art and training in design and color.  Saper Galleries framing professionals have long-term, dedicated career experience at the Gallery.  They are committed to the highest degree of excellence in all aspects of the matting and framing process: from selection and design of the proper matting and framing materials, to use of the correct methods and materials used for hinging or mounting the art, to flawless execution of the hand-cut mats and perfect-corner frame assembly.  Jennifer has led our framing team for 29 years and some framers at Saper Galleries have been certified by the Professional Picture Framers Association. 

For you we make the framing process easy and fun, informative and efficient.  We provide a lot of helpful information and make the selection process comfortable so that you don't have to worry about hard decisions.  The services we provide to you we've provided to others nearly 40,000 times -- and we get it right every time, and that is why we are still here since the 1970s helping framing clients every day in Michigan and elsewhere in the United States.

Saper Galleries prices are less than many of the "big box" framers even after their "come-on" coupons to get you in their door (based on an "apples-to-apples" comparison).  The difference, though, goes beyond price.  At Saper Galleries you are served by long-term professionals (rather than counter clerks) who actually build the frames and cut the mats and assemble your framing on our premises.  The Saper Galleries team has training and expertise in color and design so that suggested framing solutions are appropriate for your art.  With more than 2,000 frame samples from which to choose (and hundreds
of fabrics for fabric-wrapped mats and liners) we guarantee your total satisfaction with the best solutions possible for the presentation of your art. 

Archival-quality framing is the standard at Saper Galleries, with a high regard for the proper preservation of the art framed. From 100% cotton mats and hinging boards, to hand-made mulberry paper hinges, to ultraviolet filtering and reduced-reflection Museum Glass and acrylic, we are sensitive to the needs of ensuring the long-term preservation of photographs, documents, works of art, family heirlooms, sports awards and jerseys, military pins and memorabilia, news clippings, graduation and wedding montages, decorative plates, historical and family treasures, needlepoint and cross stitch, and children's art that collectors rightfully want to frame properly the first time.  We do it right every time for everyone's projects.  Perfection is our standard always.  Here is what others say about what we do.  Read more about our glass and acrylic options here.

Saper Galleries is a long-time member of the Professional Picture Framers Association (the only one in the Greater Lansing area) and is called on to present programs at national and international conferences on matters related to the art and framing industry.  The gallery continues to be selected as the Best of the Best picture framer in Mid-Michigan.  And to reward you for reading this far, please click here for a special gift for you from the Saper Galleries framing team!

Legislative bill signing photo/bill/pen, military jacket and medals, antique cross-stitched sampler, nurse's hat, jerseys, military memorabilia, currency, wedding invitations -- these are just a sample of the special framing projects we enjoyed completing for your friends and neighbors recently.  Have a challenge for us to frame for you?!  Bring it over!

                          signing frame
Bill signings, resolutions, diplomas, certificates

Bomber jacket frame
Military memorabilia
                          stitch frame
Needlework of every type
Nurses hat frame
Shadow box framing
Jersey frame
Valuable jerseys

Historical documents
Money frame
Current and other collections
Wedding invitation
Wedding invitations
MSU football Jersey
Michigan State University team jerseys

                              openings hand-cut in this matting
School photo series
Framed jersey
Frames made to match the item framed
Drawing on music
                          sheets shadow box framed
Shadow boxes for dimensional artwork

                          frame corner
Unique acrylic custom frames to match artwork

Frames to perfectly match artwork
                          Bowl Jersey
Archival presentation of sports jersey collections
F150 mirror
Logos, corporation items, we frame everything
Navy uniform
                          shadow box
Military memorabilia preservation framing
Cotton Bowl
                          pants 2015
College bowl game sports uniforms

World War
                I memorabilia
World War I memorabilia
Newspaper collage
Newspaper collage with Obama autograph

Shadow box frame
                containing amber
Shadow box framing of amber
Frame with flag design
Frame with flag design for patriotic memorabilia
Framing of
                magazine article
News article preservation and framing
Ancient illuminated
                manuscript framed to view front and back sides
Two-sided display frame. 
Click photo to see back of document.

Bella Prisma frame 1
Acrylic Bella Prisma frame custom made

Bella Prisma frame 2
Acrylic Bella Prisma frame custom made

Montage of items

Rose Bowl jersey
Rose Bowl jersey with brass name plate
Green flag embroidered
Embroidered flag and medals shadowbox
Shell frame
Mother of pearl shell frame
Lace shadowbox
Lace shadowbox frame

Shadow box
Deep shadowbox frame for a doll
NYC memory montage
Montage of New York City trip memories!
Stacked frames    Stacked frames
Two stacked frames and 2 liners.  Design on narrow frame hand-painted as client desired.

Embroidered flour sack
Embroidered flour sack stitched in shadow box

Air fresheners
                shadow box
We frame anything - even air fresheners!
Framed katubah
Ketubah floated on silk in shadow box
Newspaper article
Multi-opening newspaper article on archival paper
Two-layer cell and
                background framed
Two layer cell and background framed in 3 levels

There's so,
                so much to read!
Dr. Seuss print in four nested frames
Police uniform
                framing layout
Police uniform layout with patches
Shadow box of musical instruments
Deep shadow box containing ancient miniature instruments

Triple matting
Triple matting of photograph to match frame

Pennants floated on orange in deep frame

McDonald's sign three
                stacked frames
Three frames stacked around deep original McDonald's sign

Religious icon framed
Religious icon in deep shadow box
Mickey Mantle
Mickey Mantle vintage memorabilia in multi-opening matting

                special jersey
Special Michigan State University jersey with logo and dedication signage

                acrylic frame
Curved edge and rounded corner custom frame from thick acrylic routed and colored to match art

Baptismal gown
Baptismal gown with matted text in deep shadow box
Beaded wreath frame
Beaded wreath cleaned and stitch-installed into deep hardwood frame lined with fabric, fillet and reduced-reflection glass

                massive frames in East Lansing
Two massive custom frames made for a public building in East Lansing, Michigan.
Massive King Kong
Another massive custom frame project.  Yes we've used moving trucks for some deliveries.
                Banner Shadowbox
For this large, historic banner we created a deep custom shadow box

Military memorabilia
Shadow box of military memorabilia mounted on fabric backing

Hand-carved mat
Hand-carved mat carved to client specifications.  Click photo to see detail!

Montage of travel memorabilia and photos in shadow box with reduced-reflection glass

                custom mat cut
Custom hand-carved mat to match the vintage menu.  Click photo to see full framing!

Northwestern jersey
College jersey in capiz shell frame nested with second frame, fillet -- and brass name plate

A custom-designed and fabricated acrylic box was made to display this headdress.

                embroidery and burl frame
Vietnamese embroidery in a stunning wide burl frame with green linen inner liner.

                design rug with "Museum Acrylic"
Russian-design rug float-framed without visible stitching to the backing. Museum acrylic.

Shadow box
                display seed tags and clips
Crop seed tags and clips we framed in a starburst pattern within deep shadow box frame
We specialize in larger-than-life frames that others won't touch!
Shadow box displaying score cards for a Scotland golf trip of a lifetime!
                long frame
Our client selected three linen-wrapped liners and two stacked gold frames.  Frame is 7 feet wide!

Long frame of
                Secretariat winning 1973 Belmont
Another super long frame (8 feet): finish line photo of Secretariat winning the 1973 Belmont horse race
Frame of
                ground-breaking event memorabilia
Framing of ground-breaking ceremony shovel, hat and photos.  3 small frames in 1 large.
                large framing
Another example of our framing massive artworks that require a truck to deliver!
                framed in shadow boxes
For a Michigan museum we hand-stitched these vintage pennants in deep shadow box frames.
Venetian mask
We float framed this Venetian mask, suspending it on a gold backing bordered by iridescent frame.
Silk scarf
                floated in deep frame
We hand stitched this silk scarf and floated it in a deep frame using fully archival methods.
Marine military
In this gold leafed shadow box of military memorabilia the mats keep the glass away from the medals.

Two-sided custom frame for 12 Dali medallions
Custom 2-sided frame to display silver Dali medallions front and back!
                State University Pinstripe Bowl football jersey
We hand-stitched this MSU football jersey to the backing and framed it with additional openings and name plate.

                sewed in linen-backed shadow box with fringe
Middle-eastern heirloom rug was hand-stitched into place in a linen-backed shadow box frame.
World Series
                baseball tickets shadowbox
We made a silver shadow box and lifted the World Series tickets and photo away from the backing so they "float"!
Hockey champion's
                jersey and medal
If you win a Women's World Championship in hockey, you have Saper Galleries frame your winning jersey and medal!

World champion
                hocket jersey and medal
In two consecutive years!  We shaped the jerseys and laced them in custom shadowbox frames with the silver and gold medals.

                framed in a shadowbox
We make custom shadow boxes to float frame  jigsaw puzzles! 
                Adams photo framing with fabric mat
We hand-wrapped fabric around the oversize mat and used reduced-reflection acrylic in framing this very large Ansel Adams photograph.
                Taylor shirt and ticket in shadow box frame
We hand-stitched this James Taylor shirt to the backing and floated the ticket in this shadowbox.
Document with fillet
This document licensing an attorney to practice law was framed with a gold fillet to match the frame.
Encapsulated vintage memorabilia in double frame
Encapsulated, floated vintage memorabilia in double frame with "lifted" mat.

                Pippen basketball jersey
Want your signed Scottie Pippen basketball jersey framed to exacting standards?  Call us!
Multi-opening mat
                with titles
We created this multi-opening mat and labeled each to create a record of Isabelle's first year!

                jersey with custoom double mat and photo
Hand-stitched this jersey and floated within double mat with mounted photo and name plate.
                stacked super large frame and canvas stretch
We stretched this super-large painting and floated it in two nested frames.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln signed this document in 1864 and we framed it to the owner's specifications.
Two shirts and photos
                memorial shadow box
Two shirts and photos were shadow box framed as a memorial.

                made frame with rounded top
A truly custom made frame 6-feet wide made with an arched top to match the painting contour.  If you dream it, we'll do it!
Alvar lithograph framed with fabric-wrapped mat, backing and reduced-reflection Museum Glass.
Pandemic puzzle
Assembled a jigsaw puzzle during the pandemic?  Let us shadow box frame it for you!

Gramophone poster from
                1930s almost 6-feet tall
Have a large item to frame?  We framed this 5.5-feet tall 1930s poster with UV-filtering acrylic and archival museum-quality mounting.

                photo with letter
Example of framing a vintage family photo with related written letter.
Newspaper article segments mounted and framed
We made a copy of the vintage newspaper article and framed parts of the page.
                gold bars in individual shadow boxes and one frame
Rick's 9 gold bars in individual shadow boxes and then matted in a single frame!
                electric train car in custom shadow box
We made a deep shadow box to frame this vintage electric train set car with reduced reflection Museum Glass.
Memorabilia shadowbox.  Want us to make one for you or a parent or child?!
                frame with ancient copper artifacts on map
Ancient copper artifacts mounted in leather frame over a map showing where they were unearthed.
                breaking photo of shovel and photos
Framing of photos of a ground breaking ceremony including shovel.
                89 jersey shadowbox frame
Impact 89 shadowbox framing of a jersey.

                89 shirt shadowbox frame
Impact 89 shadowbox framing of a folded shirt.
                framed memorabilia
Framing of Tomoko's Ironman race memorabilia!
Pinehurst and Tobacco Road golf memorabilia
Golf trip memorabilia.
                Dead poster triptych float framed
Grateful Dead triptych poster float framed

patent and trademark
Patent and trademark documents floated in a 5-opening specialty mat with reduced-reflection glass
Four-opening specialty mat
Patent documents floated in a 4-opening specialty mat with reduced-reflection glass
Five mats to
                match Italian flag colors
Multiple mats to match Italy's flag colors!
Letterman's jacket
Letterman's jacket hand-stitched in shadow box.
                photos through the years
Child's art and photos over the years.

What our framing clients say about us! (More here.)
You did an incredible job on the artwork; it's just amazing what framing does....  It looks like a museum piece of art.  You guys did a wonderful job, as always.  Rick (Rockford, Michigan)
Thanks, everyone!  I love [the framing}!  [The framing] is beautiful, Roy -- perfect in every way, and a cherished memento of the time Tom and I shared in Puerto Rico just one year ago.  Thank you....   Meri Anne (East Lansing, Michigan)
You folks did a great job [in framing the Masters golf memorabilia].  My son-in-law will be very pleased. ... Always impressed with the work you do...!!  Have a wonderful holiday season.  John (East Lansing, Michigan)
Your framing is incredible.  That is why I keep coming back to you.  Holly (Okemos, Michigan)
Thank you so much [for framing the seascape].  Beautiful work!  Lisa (Lansing, Michigan)
The pieces that I have had framed by you and your staff are always beautifully done - and we always find just the right frame because you have such a large selection.  Thank you again!!  I have two more pieces almost done so will see you in the new year.  Judy (Holt, Michigan)
Good morning Roy,  Thank you for the follow up.  I appreciate the care, attention to detail, excellent work and outstanding customer service you and your staff displayed.  The sentimental value of the piece reframed is far beyond any earthly value.  I knew I had taken it to the right place after my initial encounter with your staff and that judgment was proven correct after seeing the quality of work performed.  My mother is most pleased and we are grateful.  Happy holidays,  Dan (Grand Ledge, Michigan)
Thank you so much [for framing the seascape].  Beautiful work!  Lisa (Lansing, Michigan)
Hi Roy -  I love the mandala that Jennifer framed for me.  I will certainly be back to Saper Galleries [again] the next time I need something framed.  You are the only place I would trust with a piece that I value.  Blessings to you all.  Nancy (East Lansing, Michigan)
Excellent job [in framing my photographs].  I don't go anywhere else. Thanks to you and your staff and happy holidays.  Gretchen (Lansing, Michigan)
Thank you for your great work.  We all love the frame!  Jill (East Lansing, Michigan)
We love [the framing]!  It is wonderful to know you are there.  Julia (Williamston, Michigan)
Hey Roy,  Thanks very much ....  Saper Galleries did an outstanding job with the custom framing, and you're so right, the museum glass makes such an impact.  I was able to get the painting on the wall in advance of my dinner party; needless to say, my guests loved the art and the framing.  Thanks very much for your time and great advice.  I'll be sure to stop in with my next custom-framing project.  All the best and take care.  Ryan (Lansing, Michigan)
It is ever a delight to see you and visit the gallery, so full of wondrous things.  I look forward to seeing the newly framed pieces when they are ready.  I always have complete confidence in you and your staff exercising your inimitable artistic eye whenever I bring anything in for framing.  Best, Meri Anne (East Lansing, Michigan)
Thank you very much [for the art and framing]!  ...I appreciate your timely turn around and efficient installation.  Ashley (MSU, East Lansing, Michigan)
Dear Roy,  Congratulations on your 30 years of providing beautiful art and fabulous service to the East Lansing community and beyond.  The poem from Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party that your staff matted and framed for us turned out beautifully.  Thank you again for your years of service.  Sincerely, Chris (East Lansing, Michigan)
The framing looks terrific.  Thank you for the great work!  Kathy (Okemos, Michigan)
Hello Roy- The ketubah [framing] looks amazing.  Thank you for all of your excellent work and guidance though the process.  It was a pleasure working with you.  Our best wishes, Anne and Deborah (Okemos, Michigan)
Dear Roy,  The Ponsen painting seems to glow in the living room.  I couldn’t be more pleased. ...Fortunately, I know where to go for expert framing.  Best regards, Sharon (Williamston, Michigan)
Dear Roy,  Thanks for the kind follow-up.  You do excellent work!  It is well worth the drive [for picture framing services]!  The whole family loves [the framing you did of the wedding certificate]!  Outstanding work, as always.  Louise (Owosso, Michigan)
Thanks Roy!  Thanks Jennifer!  For your excellent [framing] work.  Gary (Lansing, Michigan)
We, in this area, are so very lucky to have your gallery.  I have always loved the pieces [framed] by Jennifer and found at Saper Galleries.   Thank you.  Marella Lansing, Michigan)
Thank you!  We love [the framing]!  We will be in to see you again!  Mark (Lansing)
Hello Roy,  [The framing] was a good experience, from start to finish.  We will, without a doubt, return to you for our next framing job.  Take care, Lisa and Don  (East Lansing, Michigan)
Dear Roy,  Congratulations on your 30 years of providing beautiful art and fabulous service to the East Lansing community and beyond.  By the way, the poem ... that your staff matted and framed for us turned out beautifully.  Thank you again for your years of service.  Sincerely, Chris (East Lansing, Michigan)
Roy,  The frames enhanced all the pictures.  Your staff did a great job.  We enjoyed the [30th anniversary celebration] reception very much.  It was good to see many old friends as well as celebrate your success.  Mark (East Lansing, Michigan)
Hello Mr. Saper,  Thank you....  I appreciated the quick and, more importantly, excellent framing service your team provided. They look great on the wall in my home.  I'm sure it won't be long until I bring in more things to be framed!   Zach (Charlotte, Michigan)
We absolutely love the four pictures that you framed, especially the prints of the paintings that my great grandfather painted in the 1940s.  Top quality and very professionally done.  Thank you.  Connie (Lansing, Michigan)
It was a pleasure working with the gals over at Saper Galleries. They were incredibly helpful and [we] were very impressed with the final product.  I will be certain to use Saper Galleries in the future.  ...Thank you again for providing us with a beautifully framed picture!   Sincerely, Anna (East Lansing, Michigan)
[The framing is] absolutely Super, Mr. Saper!  My office associates were very impressed.  Thank you!  Roselie (Lansing, Michigan)
Hi Roy!  [The Dali framing] looks absolutely beautiful next to the etching!  Elisa did a great job!  I knew you guys would be able to help me put together a nice display.  I will definitely be back and I truly appreciate all of your advice and experience.  Thank you again and see you soon!  Melissa (Bath, Michigan)
Thank you, Roy!  We are so grateful to have your wonderful gallery right here in our neighborhood.  Jennifer and Elisa could not have taken better care of us.  We love [the framing]!  I'm sure we'll be stopping by again soon.  Sue and Mike (East Lansing, Michigan)
Thanks Roy.  The [framing of the] etching looks wonderful.  Good to hear from you.  Best, Tim (Vermontville, Michigan)
Roy, thanks.  I’m very pleased with your staff’s assistance.  [The framed artwork] is quite striking up on the wall.  David (Okemos, Michigan)
Thanks Roy!  The framing is beautiful!  Nicole (Holt, Michigan)
Roy,  Wouldn't go anywhere else [for framing services]!  You're the best.  Lori (East Lansing, Michigan)
Gosh, thank you!  Your [framing] staff were excellent and I will be back!  Pam (Michigan)
Thanks, Roy.  I am always pleased with your framing!  Gloria (East Lansing, Michigan)
Hi Roy!  Thank you for the wonderful framing!  It was perfect ... and so meaningful.  Again, we sure do appreciate you!!!  Sincerely, Missy (Lansing, Michigan)
Hi Roy,   Thank you for ... doing such a lovely job [framing] Mitchell's "art".  We were able to look around a bit when we picked it up, and you truly have some beautiful pieces.  ...Thanks again, and see you again soon!   Kristin (East Lansing, Michigan)
Thank you, Roy....  We love the framing!   Elaine (East Lansing, Michigan)
Roy:  She’s so beautiful hanging in the house.  Thank you and everyone for doing such a fabulous job framing her.  ...Thanks again for the magnificent job on the Hessam Abrishami.   Kim (Haslett, Michigan)
Hi Roy,  Your staff did such a beautiful job and we figured out the most beautiful frames for each piece.   I had delayed framing them for two years thinking they would cost a fortune.  They were very reasonable.  I guess the frames were from a new line so it was good I waited.   Martha (East Lansing, Michigan)
Dear Roy,  The framing is excellent.  It always is.  I just picked up 5 paintings yesterday, and the framing is perfect on every one, enhancing the paintings beautifully.  Please extend my highest compliments to your staff.  They are sensitive to my needs, have a good eye, work hard, and are a pleasure to work with.  Thank you, Roy, for being the best!  Bobbi (Williamston, Michigan)
Hi Roy,   I just read your December e-newsletter (and followed several of the associated links into your web site) and wanted to congratulate you on a great newsletter and wish all of you at Saper Galleries continued success in 2015 and in the years to come!   I have always felt that you and your wonderful galleries are one of the best things about living in the Mid-Michigan area, and your newsletter and associated links certainly bears that out. The pieces of art as well as the many examples of beautiful framing that we have acquired from your galleries over the years has added immeasurably to the beauty and enjoyment of our home, and we ... want to give all of you at Saper Galleries ('hi" to Jennifer for us!) a heart-felt THANKS for all you have done. Keep on doing it--nobody does it better than you!   Happy holidays,  Tom (Okemos, Michigan)
Our [framing] looks fabulous.  Your work is just fantastic. THANKS for everything!  Lanette  (East Lansing, Michigan)
Hi Roy -- I am very happy with the framing! Your place always does a great job!  Sandy (East Lansing, Michigan)
Dear Roy,  The framing of the ketubah looks great.  We immediately hung it in our family room.  We will definitely return to you for our future framing needs and art purchases.  Thank you, and your team, for the excellent work!  Best wishes,  Rob (Lansing, Michigan)
Thank you for your great job in framing the Agam. [The Agam framing] looks fantastic.  I am thrilled that I found you.  You are amazing!  Sharon (Spring Valley, New York)
Hi,  [The Gonsalves] arrived.  Safe and sound and now up on my office wall with my other two Gonsalves prints. Framing and mounting look terrific and I was impressed with how well the print was packed and shipped.  Thank you again for the terrific work.  David (Burbank, California)
Jennifer, Elisa and Roy,  Thank you for framing our certificate and coin....  The frame is beautiful and I love how you set the box around it.  Everyone comments how nice it looks.   In friendship, Nora (East Lansing, Michigan)
Hi, Thanks for your nice note Roy.  We think the [framing] turned out wonderfully. You always do such great work. They are certainly a lovely reminder of what was an amazing trip. I'm sure we'll be seeing you soon.  Regards, Helen and Charles (Lansing, Michigan)
Thank you Roy,  ...the framing is exceptional and just beautiful!    Bobbi (Williamston, Michigan)
Roy:  Your staff is top notch, and you are very fortunate to have Elisa on your team.  Really knows her stuff.  Can't wait till our next [framing] project.  See you soon.  Mike  (DeWitt, Michigan)
The framing is amazing.  We are very pleased thank you.  Also thanks for the appraisal.  Nice working with you and meeting you.  Patrick (Haslett, Michigan)
Thanks Roy. The framing looks great!  Josh (Michigan)
I love the picture [framing]!  Thank you so much for your help.  I never really liked that picture before but am thrilled with it now -- it means more to me now than ever before.  I have it hung it a perfect place and look at it every day.  You and your staff were so helpful in leading me to a decision that I'm thrilled with.  Lynn (Mason, Michigan)
Roy,  Thanks for doing such high quality [framing] work.  Regards, John  (East Lansing, Michigan)
The framing really makes the colors in the photograph "pop!"  Great job!!!!  Kara (Mason, Michigan)
Thank you!  I love both the finished products [framing].  It was a pleasure working with you!  Amy (Okemos, Michigan)
Roy -- The [framing of the] print is lovely—just what we were hoping for.  Thanks again for your staff’s advice in making this print come to life for us.   Kerry and Joe (East Lansing, Michigan)
Liz, Jennifer, and Roy...   Many, many thanks for the superb job in framing, matting, and installing our Hiroshige prints.  They are such an integral part of the Club's history, having hung now for so many years in various locations.  You have succeeded in putting them in their very best light and letting them shine for everyone who walks in the door!   Thank you is ALWAYS a pleasure doing business with you!    Karen  (Lansing, Michigan)
Hi Roy,  We love the art work and the framing with the Museum Glass.  Thanks again for having it ready for Rebecca's birthday; it helped to make it special one. Look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood.   Kevin and Rebecca   (East Lansing, Michigan)
Roy, Thank you again for all of your assistance.  My wife truly loved the [Rob Gonsalves] print and the framing.   Thanks, Mike (Reston, Virginia)
Roy, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you did on cleaning my painting, framing it and cleaning the ivory figures.  The painting, which has been in our family so long, looks like new again!   Thank you!  Mike  (East Lansing, Michigan)
Liz, Nathalie, Jennifer -- Beautiful job [framing] the Chatham!  Thanks again for everything!   Katie (Whitefish, Montana)
Thanks again [for framing the Chatham lithographs].  We love them.  It's been a pleasure working with you again.   Ryan (East Lansing, Michigan)
Roy,   I just don't have enough words to thank you for your generosity not only for hosting the Junior League at your wonderful gallery, but also for the spirit in which you met each member that attended the event. I sincerely mean that East Lansing is lucky to have you.  ...To add to an outstanding night, Nathan opened all of the frames he picked up last night and said that he will never be going to go another business for framing. The work done by you and your staff truly exceeded all expectations.  Nathan and I will both do anything we can to steer others in your direction!  Thank you again!   Sarah (East Lansing, Michigan)
Roy:  Your staff did an amazing job [framing this special project]!   The ... daughter, for whom we created the gift, was overwhelmed with it.   It’s now safely on display somewhere in California.   We will keep you firm in mind whenever we need a framed item.  Count on that!   Thanks for the great service!   Ed (Lansing, Michigan)
Thank you very much.  I am very happy with the framing -- it adds beauty to my Sister's wonderful work.  I will be back as I have a special photograph of a giraffe in Kenya and want to get it framed.  I have always been very pleased with your work.    Judy   (Fowlerville, Michigan)
The [two framing projects you completed for us] truly are beautiful.  Thank you all!  Karen   (Haslett, Michigan)
Dear Jennifer, Nathalie, Liz and Roy,  Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful work you did framing the picture for my daughter and the elephant embroidery.  I love how both of them turned out.  I can't wait to give my daughter her gift, made more beautiful by you.  I am very grateful.  Most sincerely, Nora   (Okemos, Michigan)
Roy, I would say [the Stephen Duren painting] is stunning!  Please thank your staff for the excellent framing job.  Every time I walk by the painting, I stop and admire it!   Sally (Lansing, Michigan)
Dear Mr. Saper,   I have had a number of pieces framed at your gallery, and have yet to be disappointed! The results have always been above and beyond my expectation. Your staff is extremely friendly and always anxious to assist, making much-appreciated suggestions regarding various framing options.
Thanks, Roy;  The [Randall] Higdon paintings look perfect and the reframing of my parents' painting really compliments it.  We are up north and have them hung already.  Love your gallery and recommended it to a friend ... who also loves art.    Anne (Lansing, Michigan)
Thanks so much for the information, Roy.  And sending it so FAST!   We enjoyed working with you and your staff on both the needlepoint framing and [Kathleen Cheney Fritz] "Crossing the Straits."  Kathleen and Don  (Laingsburg, Michigan)
Roy,   Thanks for all of your help on the [Rob Gonsalves] print.  My wife absolutely loves the print and the framing.    Thanks again,  Mike  (Reston, Virginia)
Thank you for everything, the [picture framing] looks great!   Jennifer  (East Lansing, Michigan)
Hi Roy,  It's our pleasure and it's a blessing that we have your gallery in East Lansing.  We both consider it world class and the framing is always spectacular.  Jay   (Okemos, Michigan)
The [framing] turned out beautifully.  Thank you for your excellent guidance.  Lisa (Lansing, Michigan)
Thank you so much [for the Gonsalves art and framing].  You guys are all great.  She absolutely loved the gift.  I thoroughly enjoy spending time in your gallery and look forward to many more visits.  Thanks again for helping me make her birthday a special one.  Jon (Michigan)
[The framing] turned out beautifully.  ...Thanks to you and your staff for great service, as always!   Scott (Dimondale, Michigan)
Roy,  We love [the framing].  Your staff has been a pleasure to work with.  Thanks.  Mark (Lansing, Michigan
Hi Roy -  The framing is beautiful!   Carol (Milford, Michigan)
Hi Roy,  Both Gordon and I are very excited about the cherry framing of our world map picture.   Thanks for all of your superb framing that graces our home.  Jim and Gordon   (East Lansing, Michigan)
Dear Roy - Thank you very much for the time and care taken with framing my painting.  Jennifer was very helpful and I enjoyed our conversation about art.  The painting looks great hung on the wall.   Sincerely, Anthony  (East Lansing, Michigan)
Thank you ....Vanessa and I were absolutely thrilled with every aspect of the [framing] process, from the suggestions you guys made to the beautiful finished product. ...We look forward to doing business with Saper Galleries for many years to come.  Thanks again!   Jim and Vanessa (Okemos, Michigan)
The [framing] presentation of the puppets is outstanding.  The framing is so elegant, yet Jennifer has allowed the puppets to "speak for themselves."  ... It is also incredible how this piece has energized the room.   How kind of you to offer to help [hang it].  I so enjoy working with you and your staff.   Thank you.  Cathy (Lansing, MI)
Thank you for the wonderful job you did framing for [our restaurant]!  With regards, Dennis and Harry (East Lansing, MI)
Dear Roy, Nathalie and Jennifer,   I just unpacked the two Herzig's and the Tarkay.  I am thrilled, a bit speechless, due to the beauty of the three pieces.  The framing is exquisite... it is beautiful, perfect for the piece, and worth every cent.  Your excellence, care and advice for your customers is certainly superior and I thank you for that.  Another BRAVO to Saper Galleries.    Pat (Pennsylvania)
Thank you, Roy, for your very nice note - and thank you to your talented framing experts for doing such a fantastic job on my order.  The prints look wonderful in my dining area, and I'll be happy to have those gardens [prints] to look at when it's cold and snowy outside.   Pat  (Michigan)
Roy and staff -- Thank you for an outstanding effort and results (in framing the jersey).  Much appreciated.  Regards, Van (Michigan)
Roy,  Thanks a lot [for the framing]!  It's a pleasure having a resource like yours in this rather small town...  We'll be in again.   Erik (Michigan)
Roy,  The framing is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!  Thank you soooooo much for your help with this.  The [framers] did just a wonderful job.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!    Angela (Michigan)
Dear Mr. Saper,  Thank you for an incredible archival framing job you did for me .... of Avedon's solarized photo of John Lennon.  Your suggestions for the mat and frame were perfect.  It's stunning!  One of my friends who had never seen it, stopped in her tracks upon entering the room where it's hanging, and after a moment said that it took her breath away. You and your staff are the best.   Rita (Michigan)
Roy,  Cathy and I were very pleased with the [framing and paper restoration] results.  The framing is excellent.  Also, the conservator did an excellent job on the old Lincoln print.  It looks better than before the damage.   Thank you for your assistance and excellent work.    Frank (Michigan)
Hi, Roy,  We continue to love our two Seuss pictures!  Thanks again for all of your gracious help, and the fabulous framing skills of your staff, which made it possible for us to have them in our home.  Cheers, Bob (Michigan)
Roy, [The framing] looks wonderful.  Can't wait to get it on the wall.  Kathie (Michigan)
Dear Roy,   Thanks very much....  The framing has been beautifully done--as we knew it would be.  Yours,  Michael  (Michigan)
Good Morning Roy,   Thanks for the follow up and the great job on my poster [framing].  Stacie and I hung it last night and it really is perfect.   Thanks again, Nick (Michigan)
Hi Roy.  Rick and I couldn't be happier with our purchases.  You are a dear for schlepping to Evanston -- we really appreciate your efforts.  ...The framing on the paintings turned out great!  Thanks again for making us so happy.   Nancy and Rick (Evanston, IL)
It was a distinct pleasure to work with you once again.  Your framing solution for the portrait was perfect!  I appreciate your taste and authority as ever.  I look forward to working together again on future projects.    Sam (Michigan)
You have a wonderful business, Roy.  We love your place and the warm hospitality it presents.  Your business is definitely another one of those unique reasons for living in the EL area.  And your framing choices and craftsmanship is unsurpassed.   Sincerely, Jim (Michigan)
Dear Roy, Thank you so much for delivering the Tunis Ponsen paintings to me today.  I just love them and can hardly wait to hang them up in my condo!  The framing turned out beautiful and I appreciate all the great advice that your staff provided me.   Thanks again.  I look forward to visiting your gallery soon.  Best Regards,  Nadina (Chicago)
Hi Roy!   Thank you for hosting us!  It really was an overwhelming success.  I will certainly consider you my go-to guy for any art or framing needs.  I honestly can't begin to explain how much positive feedback I have received about the event and your gallery.  Thanks again!  Sincerely, Matt (Michigan)

Restoration of Paintings and Works of Art on Paper

Paintings needing restoration (due to tears, holes, water and smoke damage, tape, staining, or accumulation of grime) can be repaired and cleaned through a partnership Saper Galleries has with professional conservators with specialties in paper and also canvas treatments. 

As the "before" and "after" treatment photos (below) illustrate, works of art on paper can be treated to remove stains due to foxing, light, mat burn, water damage, adhesives, and mold.  Paper tears can be repaired so the problem becomes virtually undetectable.  We have had hundreds of paintings and works of art professionally treated and restored and the results are always phenomenal. 

Call on Saper Galleries to learn how your work of art can be expertly brought back to its original condition, and preserved for future generations.  We fully guarantee your total satisfaction.  If you have art that needs repair, we can make it like new again.

Skiing oil painting
                before cleaning
This Eric Sloane oil painting was brought to us with a layer of yellowing varnish and grime.

Slone skiing oii
                painting after cleaning
And this is after cleaning!
Corner of the pastel
                before restoration
This photo shows the top left corner of a very old pastel drawing with significant problems
Corner of the pastel
                drawing after restoration
And this photo shows after our restoration!  Check out the slider comparison here.
Before and after
                photos of 1914 communion certificate
This 1914 Polish communion certificate was brought to us with tears, stains, and nearly 100 years of grime. Before and after views. See a slider comparison.

                of the communion certificate before and after treatment
After proper conservation and restoration treatment it now looks new. This view is of the backside of the certificate -- before and after.
Tear in painting before

Painting after tear repair

Painting was brought to us with a tear and damage as viewed in the left photo. Our client wanted it repaired it so the damage would not be noticeable. Achieved!

                through painting  Tear after repair

                after repair
Painting on canvas after repair of the significant tear through the painting shown in the detail photo (left).
50 pounds of broken
                ceramic shards
Broken heads after restoration with Erin
A client brought us a large box with 50 pounds of broken ceramic shards. Erin successfully repaired, filled in, cleaned, touched-up, and reassembled the sculpture. Task was like putting together and restoring a 3-D jigsaw puzzle!

Photos showing the
                tear before and after repair
The first two photos show a darkened canvas with a significant tear in a 120 year old family heirloom painting that was brought to us.  The last photo shows the remarkable improvement after we cleaned the painting and repaired the tear to perfection!

Painting discolored due to age and with a hole in
                repairing the hole and cleaning the painting
This waterfall painting on canvas was brought to us with a hole and paint loss in the lower left quadrant and a century of grime and discoloration.  On the right you can see how the colors and detail become visible once the painting was repaired and cleaned.

                before and after cleaning
Before and after photos showing cleaning of a Renoir lithograph.

Back of
                Renoir before and after cleaning
Back of same Renoir lithograph showing before and after cleaning!
Spills on painting
                were removed

Corner of
                soiled canvas before and after cleaning
Significant spills on the painting (left and above) were removed to return the painting to a "like new" condition! 
Signature and
                date restored and returned to front of painting
The deteriorating oil painting on canvas had been brought to us stretched so the signature was on the lower tacking edge of the stretcher and the date was on the back of the stretcher.  After restoration, the deteriorated sections were recreated and the painting was restretched so the signature and date appeared on the front of the painting as intended by the artist!

Before and
                after painting restoration
The frayed and fragile tacking edges, creases, tear, and other imperfections were fully restored so the precious family heirloom oil painting/portrait was returned to its original condition. 

We can expertly restore any painting, no matter how bad the condition!

Photo touch-up
                before and after
Original photo at left.  We created a restored print (at right) removing all of the scrapes and areas of image loss.

                in canvas before and after
Tear in oil painting on canvas before and after restoration!  All of our restoration treatments look like the original condition before damage.
Restoration of damaged photograph before and after
We removed yellow stain, fingerprints in the original  photo and other flaws to create a new-looking restored photograph!

                stains before and after removal
Oily stains on the back of an etching before and after treatment.

Portrait before and after
Portrait breaking away from canvas and what we created
Glued down etching
                before and after
Etching was glued to back of mat.  Removed and adhered to Japanese backing paper for support.

Tape stained
                etching before and after treatment
Etching with tape stain before and after removal.
                before and after cleaning
Etching with acidic mat and masking tape stain before and after treatment

Back of etching before
                and after treatment
Etching with backing stain before and after treatment
                restoration before and after
Etching with tape and other staining before and after treatment

Torn and discolored paper
Torn and discolored paper before and after treatment
Lincoln engraving
                before and after treatment
Lincoln engraving before and after treatment

Back of Lincoln
                engraving before and after
Back of Lincoln engraving before and after treatment
Picasso lithograph
                before and after cleaning
Picasso lithograph before and after treatment

Renoir front before and
                after treatment
Renoir lithograph before and after border stain removed

Back of Renoir
Back of Renoir lithograph before and after treatment

Cleaned canvas before
                and after
Painting on canvas before and after cleaning

Painting with tear
Torn painting before and after repair
Audubon darkened paper
Audubon darkened paper before and after treatment

                before and after treatment
James Abbott McNeill Whistler etching titled Doorway upper left before and after treatment

Program cover before and
                after treatment
Water stained program from 1902 before and after treatment

Awards For Excellence

Saper Galleries has continued to win awards since it was created. 
The greatest honor, however, is the pleasure we receive from providing art, framing and related services to our many clients and friends from throughout the world who know they can rely on Saper Galleries for personalized attention and dedicated service always.

Helping Hand

Public Art a Specialty                                                                                                                            Helping Hand bronze sculpture installed in Lansing, Michigan

Art in public places requires a sensitivity to community and aesthetic considerations while satisfying budgetary requirements. Saper Galleries has qualified experien
ce in creating and placing major sculptures in public spaces.  We have taken the burden off many art selection panels by providing for the design, commissioning, scheduling, and installation of significant out-door bronzes.  

For businesses, governments, and colleges and universities, Saper Galleries can be relied upon to deliver what the community and sponsors want, on time, and within budget.  We guarantee satisfaction and accept nothing less.

The Tunis Ponsen Estate Paintings
Tunis Ponsen
Saper Galleries is proud to have earned the honor and distinction of managing the estate paintings of the Dutch born painter Tunis Ponsen. On site and available for your viewing and acquisition are more than 300 works of art created between 1930 and 1967. They include oil paintings on canvas, watercolors, and an extremely limited number of single-color lithographs and linoleum block prints.

Please click here for additional information and pictures of available paintings by Tunis Ponsen. 

Free Art Search Services

Saper Galleries will search the world to locate and acquire for you any work of art you are looking for: paintings, limited edition prints, or reproductions.  We are often called upon to locate art that people saw years ago.  Collectors contact us to acquire for them a copy of a limited edition they saw in a professional building or friend's home.  We are often asked to locate works of art that collectors saw while traveling.  No matter what it is, if it is for sale, we will locate and acquire it for you.  Please provide us with as much information as you are able: artist name, title, medium (for example: original painting, limited edition, or reproduction), where and when you saw the art, price -- and any other information to ensure we find the correct work of art.  And best of all, the Saper Galleries Art Acquisition Search Services are FREE!  Try it now!

Read All About Us!

Click here to read articles about Saper Galleries from Art World News; Michigan State University's 
The State News; the Professional Picture Framers Association, Lansing CityPulse, Greater Lansing Business Monthy, PMA Magazine, Lansing State Journal, The New Citizens Press, Michigan Retailers, Noise,, the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, Michigan, and others.  Or do an online search to read more about Saper Galleries.

Doing Our Part for a Green Planet

Since we built and moved into our downtown East Lansing, Michigan location in 1986 we have attempted to do all we can to play a role inWest
                Gallery skylight protecting our environment and using resources wisely and efficiently. 

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