Photographs of Saper
Photographs of Saper Galleries

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Click on the seven photographs or text to see other photos of the indicated areas.  Enjoy!

Seven photos of the EXTERIOR of the Saper Galleries building in East Lansing, Michigan

East Gallery
Six photos of the high-ceiling EAST GALLERY

Seven photos of the CENTER GALLERY and the new 32-foot long center skylight

Four photos of the new 2,010 square-foot WEST GALLERY and the 48-foot barrel-vault shaped center skylight and three dome-shaped skylights

Sliding Walls
Two photos of the SLIDING WALLS in the main hallway          
                selection room
Three photos of the FRAME SELECTION ROOM
                  assembly main counter
Four photos of the FRAME ASSEMBLY ROOM

Exterior Gallery Photos
                  and West Galleries



East Entrance

East View Exterior Front Exterior in Winter Top row shows gallery exterior from west to center to front entrance and east entrance.  This row shows outside view from east and southwest.
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East Gallery Photos
Northeast corner

East wall

Southeast view

South view of front entrance

The gallery walls are covered with a soft acoustical wall-covering and the carpet was milled to our specifications in a neutral color.  The interior walls are on hidden casters.
North wall looking into framing rooms North
                    wall These six photos show the high-ceiling east gallery.  The top right photo shows the front (main) entrance and some of the 11 large clerestory windows above at the loft level.
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Center Gallery Photos

West wall
                    toward west gallery

North wall looking west

West view into west gallery

The center gallery features a reading and art reference area, Eames and Noguchi furniture, and natural illumination from a 32-foot long center skylight.
                    wall Southeast corner South
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West Gallery Photos
Southwest corner



Northwest corner

The west gallery was added in 1998 and dedicated to Adam and Jay Saper, the children of gallery founder Roy C. Saper and his wife, Nell Kuhnmuench.  The 2,010 square foot gallery is illuminated by a 48-foot long barrel-vault shape center skylight and three additional dome-shaped skylights up to 8-feet in diameter.  At the north end of the gallery are 24 sliding wall panels displaying the art of Dutch painter Tunis Ponsen.   
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Sliding Walls Photos
In a hallway near the framing department, office and kitchen are these sliding wall panels.  They allow the display of many works of art in a limited space area.   Sliding
                  walls in hallway Sliding
                  walls south view A similar arrangement of 24 sliding wall panels in the new west gallery allows the display of 48 large works of art in an area only 12 feet wide.

Frame Selection Room Photos
Frame selection room southeast view Frame
                  selection room east view Frame selection room southwest view With entrances from the side of the building and the gallery, this is the room where you may bring in your art and other items to have framed.  More than 1,000 frame samples are on site.
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Frame Assembly Room Photos
Frame assembly room east

                  assembly room east view

                  assembly room southeast view

                  assembly room southwest view

The frame assembly room is adjacent to the frame selection area so you can actually watch the matting, hinging, and framing assembly process by Saper Galleries professionals. Your art is stored in sleeves behind doors to provide for security and protection.  This efficiently designed room stores all the mat boards, glass, and supplies needed to hand complete every frame order to perfection.

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