Chagall lithographs at Saper Galleries
Marc Chagall

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          and Absalom framed      David et Absalon
  David et Absalom
(David and Absalom)
Original lithograph, 1956
Mourlot catalog I, #133
14 x 10.25"
Sorry, sold for $2,620 framed

Moise II
(Moses II)
Original lithograph, 1956
Mourlot catalog I, #125
14 x 10.25"
Sorry, sold

Ange Au Paradis
Ange Au Paradis
(The Angel at the Gates of Paradise)
Original lithograph, 1956
Mourlot catalog I, #121
14 x 10.25"
Sorry, sold
Moise Recoit Les Tmbles de la Loi
Moise Recoit Les Tables de la Loi
(Moses Receiving the Tablets of the Law)
Original lithograph, 1956
Mourlot catalog I, #123
14 x 10.25"
Sorry, sold

The name of this artist, one of the most brilliant lights of the 20th Century art world, is forever linked with the Bible in the formation by the French Government of the Musee National Message Biblique Marc Chagall in Nice.  After moving to Paris from Russia he began a suite of etchings on the Bible for Vollard in 1931. Again he turned to Biblical themes in 1956 when the French magazine Verve published a suite of 28 color lithographs of Chagall's Biblical themes in a double issue, 33/34.  Shown below are four original lithographs from that 1956 edition available for your acquisition.  These lithographs are from the unsigned edition of 6,500.  An additional 75 examples were signed by the artist.  

Chagall has about 2,000 graphic works to his name. Over 1,100 lithographs and 600 etchings, as well as woodcuts, linocuts, and less well-known techniques such as pochoirs were created by the artist.  Chagall was highly inspired by the possibilities of the various graphic techniques, and he also was attracted to the reproducibility of these artistic expressions.

The available Chagalls available from Saper Galleries are lithographs.  Due in part to the lack of space in Berlin for painting, his first (black-and-white) lithographs appeared in 1922-23.  Much time would pass before Chagall dared to come up with color lithographs.  Back in France after World War II, he kept restricting himself, despite the encouragement of many people.  Only in 1954 did he feel that the lithographic stones challenged him, and that he had control over them.  An unprecedented torrent of color lithographs then broke loose.

Large editions made his work accessible to the masses, so it was no longer confined to the elite and Chagall could bear out a message with it.  The enormous success of his series of Parisian color lithographs from 1954 got him to create color lithographs of biblical tales titled "La Bible" in 1956.  Enjoy the examples above showing four of those Bible lithographs that were here at Saper Galleries, with one now on display and available.
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