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Ioan Nemtoi

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Each of the photographs on this page were taken by us of the actual unique glass creations here at Saper Galleries. 
Do visit us soon!

On November 6, 2005 we opened Ioan Nemtoi: Hand-blown Glass, an exhibition and sale of dozens of glass vessels and platters created by the noted Romanian artist, Ioan Nemtoi.  Ioan
                NemtoiThe exhibition was displayed through December, 2005. 

The Nemtoi hand-blown glass shown below is in our current inventory and may be shipped anywhere in the world. 

Please contact us to confirm availability or to reserve any of the items shown!  

If you love glass you may also enjoy seeing creations by our other glass artists whose vessels and paperweights are on display now here at Saper Galleries: Bryon Sutherland, Robert Eickholt, Rick Hunter, David Thai and Hebron Glass.

Click on any of the pictures to see larger size photos.  Click here to confirm availability as of today.

Enjoy these three new vases (shown below) just received and now on display!

Red wavy
                    matte finish wavy vase
Cordoba red wavy vase in matte finish
8" tall
Sorry, sold for $595

Black with gold triangle
Conic shaped black with gold vase
22" tall
($600 less than the full $3,000 value!)

Purple tall oval vase
Tall oval purple vessel with black circles
20" tall
($400 less than the full $2,200 value!)

Hand-blown glass vases and bowls in vibrant colors and massive dimensions are recent additions to the Saper Galleries inventory of over 1,500 original works of art.

The unique creations are the designs of Romanian artist Ioan Nemtoi, who gallery owner Roy Saper discovered in 2002.

“I was taken by their brilliant colors, large dimensions, and sheer beauty and knew they would be unique to what has been shown in this area,” observed Saper.

Nemtoi’s designs are contemporary and compelling.  It is the brilliance of color and design that are most captivating in viewing the decorative glass creations.  Their large size, some up to two-feet tall, make them even more notable as strong visual attractions.

Nemtoi’s spectacular designs and rich colors are unique in the world of art glass.  From large oval shapes to his popular wavy bowls, each is unique and a signature of Nemotoi’s creativity.

The artist was born in Northeastern Romania in 1964 and opened his glass studio in 1995.  Much of his inspiration comes from nature.  “The technique I use is almost like a kind of watercolor technique which gives the glass both life and depth and makes it bubble with color. I like to add color to shape, “ explains the artist.

Although Saper has displayed hundreds of hand-blown glass paperweights and vases, the addition of the Ioan Nemtoi massive glass vessels brings a new level of quality and excitement to the medium. 

As a centerpiece on a dining or coffee table, a focal point for the entrance to a home or commercial building, or a colorful attraction for any room, the Nemtoi glass bowls and vases are high-quality, colorful, unique creations that will add brilliance and light to any setting.

Saper Galleries will continue to acquire and display the Nemtoi glass as part of its inventory for collectors now and in the future.

Nemtoi Display at
                      Saper Galleries

Blue Egg
Blue Egg
Sorry, sold for $395

Blue Storm Wavy Vase
Blue Storm Wavy Vase, 8"
Forest Green Square Vase 12"
Forest Green Square Vase, 12"

Blue with Brown Oval Vase
Blue with Brown Oval Vase
(Van Gogh)

12 tall"


                  Mosaic Vase
Multicolor Mosaic Vase
12 1/2" tall

Sorry, sold for $750

                  Purple Vase
Conic Purple Vase
16" tall

Blue with Gold Vase
Blue with Gold Vase
20" tall
Sorry, sold for $1,900

The 40 Nemtois shown below are all now sold.  Should you wish to acquire a Nemtoi that is not above, just let us know and we will do all we can to get to get exactly what you may be seeking -- color, design, and size!

                  Flat Vessel
Red Flat Vessel, 7"
Sold for $495
                  Vessel with Lip 8"
Red Vessel with Lip, 8"
Sorry, sold for $425

Blue Vessel with Lip 8"
Blue Vessel with Lip, 8"
Sorry, sold for $425

Green Oval Vase 8" Matte
Green Oval Vase, 8"
Sold for $425

Wavy Yellow Vase
Wavy Yellow and Colors Vase, 8"
Sorry, sold for $495

Oval Yellow Vase
Oval Yellow Vase, 8"
Sold for $495

Forest Green Round Vase
Forest Green Round Vase, 8"
Sold for $495

Forest Green vessel 8"
Forest Green Vessel, 8"
Sorry, sold for $495

Forest Green Matte Vase with Lip
Forest Green Matte Vase with Lip, 8"
Sold for $495

Forest Green Vessel
Forest Green Vessel Matte, 8"
Sold for $495
Orange Round Vessel
Oange Round Vessel, 8"
Sold for $495

Red Oval Vase with black spiral 8"
Red Oval Vase with Black Spiral, 8"
Sorry, sold for $495

Orange Conic Vase
Orange Conic Vase, 9"
Sold for $500
Brown Wavy
Brown Wavy Vase, 8"
Sold for $595

Yellow Vase with Lip (Matte), 8"
Sorry, sold for $595

Orange Wavy Vase
Orange Wavy Vase, 8"
Sold for $595
 Red Wavy Vase (Matte), 8"
Sorry, sold for $595

Red Oval Matte
Red Oval Matte Vase, 8"
Sold for $595

                  Karo Matte
Red Karo Matte Vessel, 10"
  Sold for $545

Egg, 13 x 10 x 10"
Sorry, sold
Red Cordoba Vase, 11"
Sorry, sold for $850

Round Colors
Round Vase in Blue and Colors, 12"
Sorry, sold

Wavy Yellow Vase
Yellow Wavy Vase, 12"
Sold for $950
                  Wavy Vase
Red Wavy Vase, 12"
Sold for $950
Forest Green Square Matte Vase
Forest Green Square Matte Vase, 12"
Sold for $695
NemtoiForest Green Matte Vessel With Lip
Forest Green Vessel with Lip, 12"
Sorry, sold for $695
Wavy Forest Green Vase
Wavy Forest Green Vase, 12"
Sold for $895

                    Orange Vase
Conic Orange Vase, 12 1/2"
Sorry, sold for $850
Yellow Wavy Vase
Yellow Wavy Vase, 13"
Sorry, sold for $850
Yellow Karo Vase
Yellow Karo Matte Vase, 13"
Sold for $950

Black and Gold Vase with Lip
Black and Gold Vase with Lip, 14"
Sold for $950
Mosaic Vase
Mosaic Vase, 16"
Sorry, sold for $1,475

Yellow and Blue Vase
Yellow and Blue Vase, 18"
Sorry, sold

Furnir Vase
Furnir Vase, 18"
Sold for $1,200
Red Platter, 22"
Sold for $1,200

Yellow Tall
Yellow Oval Vase, 22"
Sorry, sold for $1,500

Blue with Black Spiral
Blue Vase with Black Spiral, 24"
Sorry, sold
Tall Purple Vase
Tall Purple Vase, 20"
Sorry, sold for $1,700
Wavy Green Vase
Wavy Green Vase, 16"
Sold for $2,800

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