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Rosa Maria Piatti

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Unique mixed media mural on wooden backing
63 x 15 3/4"
Sorry, sold for $3,500

Please let us know if you would like the artist to create a variation for you!

The four photos below provide close up details showing the 63" wide panel. 
Perfect for a long horizontal wall in any room -- home or office!

Panel A

Panel B

Panel C
Panel D

Rosa Maria Piatti - A Profile of the Artist and Her Work

A native of Brazil, Rosa Maria Piatti graduated with a degree in Architecture and Urban Studies -- but painting has always been her true love.

Today, Ms. Piatti is a "revolutionary" and an experimenter.  Her three-dimensional art in wood and porcelain finds inspiration in her own roots.  Her work reflects the exuberance of her region, the northeast of Brazil, where the sun shines nearly all year long.

Ms. Piatti offers homage to the African culture and to the Afro-Brazilian spirit by concentrating on earth tones, which reflect the fundamental importance of the African races in the socio-economic formation of the state of Alagoas.

Due to her training as an architect, Rosa Maria has developed a purity of lines and refinement of form.  In her porcelain painting, her creative forces flow freely with daring results, yet always respect the delicate nature of the object and in harmony with the colors which characterize her pure and genuine style.

Her hand-designed and hand-painted boxes truly embrace the porcelain in order to create a perfect synthesis between the two materials, thereby creating a unique, elegant and functional piece of fine art.

Rosa Maria's work has received numerous international awards and can be found in the most prestigious galleries throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Saudi Arabia and South America. She represents a major presence in the exhibition centers of Brazil, France and Italy and Saper Galleries is pleased to introduce her work to collectors in the United States.

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