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Graham Mitchell Sears

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Constructed of painted steel
36" tall
We are pleased to now display the mobiles and stabiles of Calder-influenced artist Graham Mitchell Sears.

Acclaimed artist Sears, born in Buffalo, NY in 1953, is an alumni of both The Nichols School and The University of Buffalo.  Following his studies in the states, Sears went to Paris to study painting at the prestigious School of Fine Art.

During his first year at The School, he focused on drawing and painting exclusively. Then one evening while walking home from School, Sears discovered a small bundle of wires at a roadside construction site. Impulsively, the artist took the wire home and began using it to create objects.  At that same time, he developed an interest in the works of Joan Miro and especially that of Alexander Calder.  Their simple linear compositions quickly became his formal inspiration.  That bundle of wire coupled with a fascination with strong lines, color and above all, movement, proved to be a recipe which would sustain years of work and enjoyment for Sears.

In 1983, Sears began designing and constructing kinetic sculptures based on his Parisian inspiration.  His work attracted the interest of museums, galleries and art agents across the country. 

By the early 1990s his small works were being sold in museum stores all over the world including The Guggenheim Museum, The Whitney Museum, The Hirshorn Museum, The MOMA New York, The Harvard Fogg Museum, The MOMA San Fransisco, The Carnegie Museum and many others.  Sears' small sculptures were sold in those venues as studies for larger available works and numerous commissions were generated from Sears' exposure at these impressive museums.

Sears' recent commissions are at corporations, libraries, universities, hospitals, architects and private collectors especially in the U.S. and Europe.  His most recent commissions include a selection of works to replace the Dale Chihuly exhibit at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens, a mobile installed in the atrium of an architectural firm in Rome, Italy and a signature work for a home on the coast of Maine, which was featured in "Architectural Record".

We soon expect to display a selection of Graham Mitchell Sears' mobiles and stabiles at Saper Galleries.  At this time we invite you to visit and see this stabile, the first in our collection by the artist.  If you have limited wall space and a low ceiling, stabile artwork is perfect for a pedestal, table or desk display.  Do visit and see it in person.  The quality, design, and craftsmanship are superb!



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