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Arthur Secunda

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Marshlands II
Marshlands II -- Unique Collage
20 x 24"      $2,000

Mirror Lake II
Mirror Lake II -- Unique Collage
13 x 16"      $3,000
                    Morning collage
Golden Morning -- Unique Collage
18 x 24"      $3,000  

The Thaw collage
The Thaw -- Unique Collage
30 x 22"      $2,800
                    Village II collage
Global Village II -- Unique Collage
24 x 36"      Sorry, sold for $4,400
Since his first public exhibition held in Paris, Arthur Secunda has particularly distinguished himself as a collage master and print maker.

Secunda's collages are brilliant in color, technically perfect and lovingly created.  The collages shown here, available from Saper Galleries, are made from skillfully molded handmade paper, with each paper of the collage emotionally torn, arranged and contoured to create a new entity.  

A reviewer observed: "These compositions surprise at once through their precision, and again through their beauty, a beauty which originated through the richness of his palette, because these colors, brighter and seemingly new born in their extraction, precede the adhesive process.  A new dimension is thereby added to the collage."

Secunda's collages resulted from an experience while painting in a Geneva, Switzerland studio.  The artist ripped up some watercolors and the torn pieces fell to the floor.  The observed overlapping pieces made combinations that caused Secunda to develop the organized, orchestrations of color and forms that are presented on this page.  

Both technically and in terms of color, his torn-paper collages are brilliant.  Often inspired by his travels, the landscapes reflect ocean horizons, country sides, and sunsets.  Each is a visual reflection of unique experiences and feelings of the artist.

During his career, Secunda has used and conquered the world of printmaking, the use of oil, watercolor, ink wash, polyester assemblage, and acrylic painting and assemblage.  All of Secunda's experiments with art have been purposeful, adding to the great dimensions of his art history and the history of art.

Secunda has reached this brilliant stage of his career by extensive, ongoing study, beginning at the Art Student's League of NY and New York University, with further studies in Paris, Rome and Mexico City.  He has also surrounded himself with, and befriended many of the greatest teachers and artists of his time, each of whom has added an element to the Secunda success.  It is our honor to offer this group of unique collages through Saper Galleries.

Arthur Secunda has worked as an art critic, teacher, lecturer, curator, writer, publisher and associate art editor.  His works have been exhibited world wide in more than 140 solo shows.

He is permanently collected in major museums, corporate and private collections, including among others, the Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery in Washington D.C., The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Phoenix Museum.  

Secunda's public works include those at the Sears Tower in Chicago, and the First National Bank of Chicago.   Corporate works are in the collections of Chase Manhattan Bank, the Bank of America, and Standard Oil, among others.

It would be our pleasure to provide a unique Arthur Secunda collage to your collection!  For information on acquiring one of these Secunda collages from the Saper Galleries collection, please contact us now for an immediate reply.

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