Alvar at Saper Galleries exhibition
Sunol Alvar exhibition at
        Saper Galleries

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On Saturday, November 1, 2003 Saper Galleries held a private fund-raiser to benefit the Greater Lansing Symphony Orchestra.   Alvar was gracious in providing courtesy drawings to these families who acquired Alvar's art to benefit the Symphony.

Alvar with Blairs       Alvar with Hennesseys       Alvar with Reckases

Alvar with Thomases       Alvar with Kogut Family        Alvar with Walds

On Sunday, November 2, 2003 Alvar opened the significant exhibition of oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, sculpture, and embossed lithographs at a beautiful afternoon public reception.  These photos show Alvar collectors, many with unique drawings Alvar created for them to be put on the back of their Alvar framing.  Is that special or what?!

Alvar with Anita and Olav    Alvar with Balleins    Alvar
              with Barb    Alvar with Henrietta

Alvar with Claypools        Alvar with David       Alvar
              with Deni and Kathryn       Alvar with Suzan

Alvar with Francie    Alvar with Luis    Alvar with Mark    Alvar with Monique    Alvar
              with Porters

              not sad     Alvar
              happy     Alvar with Skinners     Alvar with Susan

And here are some of the Saper Galleries team members and the Saper Family!

              with some of the Saper Galleries team         Alvar, Ben and Kim         Alvar with Saper Family

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