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Betty Sitbon

"betty sitbon's art is more surreal than the realists,
and a little more rounded than the cubists,
but there aren't many cubists around.

it is more expressive than the impressionists,
and more impressive and the expressionists.

her art is primarily primitive and is less modern than the modernists,
but has more modern classicism than the classicists.

it is classically more concrete than the abstractionists,
and really more abstract than the realists.

betty is perpetually less generic than any of these perpetuators of genres,
and she is best described as an emotionalist.

one who finds its source in the need to express
everyday emotions through actions of creativity and creativity in action"

- M. Breen

Betty Sitbon's Cupid's Wish
Cupid's Wish
Acrylic painting on canvas, signed by the artist
22 x 22"

Betty Sitbon's In the Shadows
In the Shadows
Acrylic painting on canvas, signed by the artist
22 x 22"

Betty Sitbon, once from Michigan City and now in Chicago, is a noted artist and muralist.  She works in acrylics, collage, pastels, and other media. A muralist, she paints on walls, champagne glasses, clothing, furniture, canvas, and wine bottles, the latter earning her a "Best Christmas Gift of the Year" distinction by the Chicago Tribune.

Betty's paintings emphasize color, composition, and mood.  Her subjects are portrayed with strong strokes of color and application of paint.  Her positive view of life and romantic attitude not only softens her work, but also broadens her canvas into murals that can be seen in many fine restaurants and private residences.  Betty was commissioned to paint two cow sculptures in the 1999 CHIC-COW-Go art exhibit: one for the Chicago Bears and the other for the Governor of Wisconsin.

Betty Sitbon started her art education at Interlochen Arts Academy then spent one year at the Chicago Art Institute after which she graduated from Washington University (St. Louis) with a BFA in fine arts.  She continued her studies in San Miguiel D'Allende, Mexico

Betty has also worked extensively in Cozumel, Mexico and Paris, France where the Lincoln French School commissioned her to do a painting for Jaques Chirac, the president of France.

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